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There are a lot of things people can actually do today compared to many years ago. Life was fairly simple before and people are mostly contented. But today, everything has changed. We are already living in a fast-paced generation wherein things are done instantly or in a much faster manner. There are also machines that are built for specific functions to generate things much faster than its natural process. 


Today, because of the advanced technology that we have, it is already possible to create a diamond from a lock of hair or a small amount of cremated ashes and toy may check this out at . It is interesting to know that a simple structure of a carbon signature from a small amount of cremated ashes can be metamorphosed into a beautiful, genuine lab created diamond.


People are continually looking for better ways to memorialize their loved ones or pets. These personal man made diamonds are created for this purpose, to be set as cremation jewelries. Actually, these are already made known in the market. Aside from being created as cremation jewelries, these are also used as commemorative diamonds to celebrate an anniversary, engagement, birth of a child or other special occasion.


Many would question the authenticity of lab created diamonds since these valuable items naturally undergo delicate processes underground. Actually, these created diamonds are genuine diamonds created in laboratory within a matter of weeks. These diamonds are subjected to extreme temperature and pressure similar to the process undergone by natural diamonds that occur over millions of years deep under the earth's crust. Amazingly, these lab diamonds possess the same chemical and physical properties of earth-mined diamonds. 


Personal created diamonds are actually featured at Anthill: cremation ashes to diamonds enhanced lab diamonds, since they include a personal carbon source to grow the diamond such as a lock of hair or small amount of cremated ashes. In producing a personal created diamond, the process begins by collecting the hair or the cremated remains. The carbon signature from the hair or ashes collected is then added to a real diamond seed. This mixture is then placed in a custom-designed incubator which uses a unique and complex High Pressure High Temperature process that enables to duplicate the earth's natural diamond-growing conditions. In approximately 70 days or less, the growth phase will be completed producing a genuine diamond with rough result. A master gem cutter will then proceed to cut and polish the diamond in accordance with industry standards.


The created diamond then be individually identified with a laser-engraved ID number which is visible only under certain magnification. The personal diamond is then independently authenticated, inspected, measured and graded. The created diamond is then set into the jewelry chosen by the customer and delivered complete with the original certification guaranteeing its authenticity.


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